After surviving the wrath of a Giant Bird from the last episode, here they encountered the clockworks tower. Together, they fight through the clock’s churning metal gears, believing they have control over their surroundings until they realize that, actually, the clock tower itself is messing with them. They have to break the heart-shaped clocks. Because of their so given powers May and Cody succeeded to complete stage and defeated the clockworks tower. Eventually they are teleported again by the Dr. Hakim to a snowy place which soon they realize they were inside the snow globe where they bought as a memento from their first skiing together. In this stage they were a new power, its the power to repel or attract by means of the magnet given to them. Here their journey starts and the deeper they continue the more their happy memories together comes back. I am feeling the game is about to end excited of what will the outcome be, will there be a second chance to Cody and May to be a happy family once again? We shall see for the upcoming episode Derek will upload. To watch the full video just click this link or you checkout his YouTube channel OMG its Derek.

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