Cody and Mae is now facing another obstacle before they can go back to their own bodies. Apparently of all the stages they came through this is what caught my attention the most is the How the dead whale was inside the snow globe. The snow globe reminds them of a place where Cody and May first did their ski trip and made a lot of happy memories. They even saw the old cottage they stayed in. Eventually as the game progress Derek and Wolf as one of the legendary “troll” gamer started a snow ball fight, which is really funny where derek is the only primary target. Every snow ball Wolf throw hits Derek no matter how he tried to evade it, it seems like it was being attracted by the magnet. They also found swing and snow mobile which can only be controlled using the magnets. This episode is a so much fun to watch specially on how Derek and Wolf play the game. Here is the link of the full video you can also Leave a comment for any games you want Derek to play next, or you can join his Live stream to be apart of his community. Here is his YouTube channel link OMG its Derek.

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