Welcome back to the channel friends, today we are taking a look at the newly upgraded Senso Wings TW-10 Wireless Earbuds. I got these to replace my aging Samsung Level U wireless earbuds, which while they have served me well over the past few years, have a few issues that bother me that I’m hoping these Sanso earbuds solve.

First, I’m ready for truly wireless earbuds. When I purchased my Samsung earbuds most Bluetooth earbuds were still connected with a band. A few years ago they moved to just a wire connecting the two buds but I didn’t feel that was much of an upgrade so I stuck with my Samsung ones. However, I believe the technology with truly wireless earbuds has finally arrived where you don’t need those and will still have strong connectivity with your earbuds!


Secondly, while these Samsung ones have worked great, they’ve never gotten quite loud enough compared to other headphones in general that I’ve used.


Lastly, I went for a jog one time in the rain and these Samsung earbuds actually shocked me when they got wet ha-ha! So I wanted to find something that, at the very least, are officially rated for water resistance.


So do the Sanso Wings solve these issues? Are they a much cheaper budget-friendly option than Apple AirPods or Bose Sport Earbuds or do you need to spend in excess of a $100 to find a pair of earbuds that actually work well?


Well, let’s dive in and find out!


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The Sanso Wings are not the first truly wireless earbuds I’ve owned, in fact, the first pair I bought and used were actually purchased well before Apple even released their Apple AirPods, however, the biggest issues with these devices when they first came out was that you’d constantly lose connection between the two earbuds and the battery life wasn’t great as we didn’t have the ultra-low power consumption that we now have with Bluetooth 5.0.


While Apple wasn’t first with these devices they certainly solved these two issues when they released their truly wireless earbuds which then helped rocket the rest of the industry forward causing most other big name brands to release wireless earbuds like Samsung, Bose and even Amazon. It also caused tech to jump in third party budget-friendly options which is where the earbuds we’re reviewing today fall.


Before we jump in to the actual review and my thoughts after using these Sanso Wings as always in my reviews, I do like to run through the specs real quick!


As I mentioned, they do have Bluetooth 5.0 which gives us much better battery life as well as virtually lag free audio. This means if you’re watching a video on your phone the audio and video should be sync whereas with previous versions of Bluetooth you’d notice the audio lagging behind the video just a touch.


They also feature 13mm drivers which are upgraded from the previous version of the Sanso Wireless Earbuds which had 10mm drivers. Most wireless earbuds like these fall in the range of 8mm to 15mm and the upgrade allows them to have a bit more bass then the previous generation.


They claim that you should get up to 6 hours of use per charge and the carrying case has a 500Mah battery built in which should give you a total of 30 hours of use before needing to recharge the entire system.


As I mentioned previously, one issue I had with my Samsung’s is that while they were marketed as sweat and water resistant, they didn’t have an official IPX rating and when jogging in the rain one day with them I actually got a bit of a shock! Luckily, these are officially rated IPX6 which means they can withstand high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. They are not completely waterproof which requires an IPX rating of 7 or 8, but they should withstand any sweat or rain when working out!


They also feature a max wireless range of 10 to 12 meters which for us Americans would equate to about 33 – 40 feet.


Lastly, they feature a microphone on both earbuds and the Bluetooth 5.0 chip they have also features CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation which means during phone calls, the person you are speaking to should hear your voice loud and clear and background noise should automatically be lowered with the built in AI.


I believe that’s it for the specs, at least the ones that matter to most people, so let’s jump in to my actual review and what I think about these after using them for some time both at home leisurely and at the gym while working out!


There are a few issues I’ve found with them which I’ll mention first and get out of the way since that’s typically what makes or breaks the decision to purchase for most people.


As I mentioned earlier, an issue I’ve run in to with truly wireless earbuds is that occasionally one of the earbuds will lose connection. I’ve found this to be true even with my testing of big name earbuds like the Apple AirPods or Samsung Earbuds. This is no different with the Sanso Wings. Now it’s definitely better than it used to be when it comes to truly wireless earbuds.


I remember when using wireless earbuds before the AirPods you’d have one of the buds disconnect and it would happen quite frequently and could last for several seconds or even indefinitely and you’d have to disconnect and reconnect the earbuds to fix it. This is the big thing Apple fixed. While AirPods do occasionally lose connection in one of the earbuds, it happens for just a split second and I’ve never had the issue where it wouldn’t connect without having to completely disconnect and reconnect them.


This is true with the Sanso Wings as well, but they’ve come a long way! During a week of using them leisurely at home and at the gym every day, I had it happen 2 or 3 times total. I’m typically at the gym for two hours per day and use them for an hour or two at home each day. Also, each time one of the earbuds disconnected, it would reconnect almost instantly! I’ve never had them disconnect for more than half a second nor did I ever need to disconnect them and reconnect them to get them working again.


So while, this isn’t a deal breaker for me and honestly is almost a non-issue, I do think it’s still important to note. In terms of connectivity I’d place them on par with any of the big brands like Apple, Samsung, Bose, or Amazon! However, it’s still an issue and I’m looking forward to that day when there are never any connectivity issues and they truly become on par with earbuds that have a band or wire like my Samsung Level U earbuds.


If you’re a bass head, these are not the earbuds for you. While I personally think they sound great and offer a wide dynamic range and allow you to hear everything crisp and clear they do favor the highs which some people just don’t like. In their defense, this isn’t really a negative as again, they sound great overall and for a budget-friendly pair of earbuds I’m shocked at how well they sound. In fact, I’d argue they sound better than my Samsung Level U earbuds which cost double the price. I just know some people love heavy bass so thought it was worth mentioning.


One other note regarding the bass, there are a lot of reviews out there that say these things have no bass at all and are super high end and even tinty sounding. When I first put these in my ears I also experienced this, but after switching out the tips to the larger ones which made them fit nice and snug in my ear canals this fixed the issue immediately and provided much more bass. I think a lot of the time, people are just lazy and don’t actually try out the different ear tips to see which ones fit best. They do come with the default tips and then a size smaller and a size larger which hopefully means you’ll find a set that fits perfectly for your ears!


Another issue I have with them is that there is no way to adjust the volume using the touch controls directly on the headphones. You can play or pause, you can skip forward and backward and you can pull up your personal assistant. But they didn’t include a way to adjust the volume and you have to do so using your smartphone or whatever other device you have them connected to.


Again, this isn’t a huge issue for me as once I have the volume set, I don’t really adjust it too much, plus typically I have whatever device I’m using within arm’s reach, however, it still would be nice to have a way of doing it directly from the earbuds.


Most of the negative things I’ve mentioned up to this point could be labeled as slight annoyances, however, there is one big issue that I actually have with these earbuds. The fact that there are several straight up lies on their Amazon listing that just aren’t true.


They claim to have active noise cancellation but they don’t. What they are referring to is the CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation I mentioned earlier which is automatically built in to them via the Bluetooth chip they are using and again are for the person you are talking to on a phone call. They do nothing for you. It’s still a great technology and makes phone calls much better for the person on the receiving end, but this is not active noise cancellation which is exactly what they list they have on their Amazon listing. Active noise cancellation would mean they get rid of background noise for you as the user, whether you’re listening to music or watching videos.


I don’t even care that they don’t have active noise cancellation as for this price I wouldn’t expect it anyways. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but these earbuds cost $60 brand new. I paid $40 for them as they had a $20 off coupon on Amazon. Even Apple AirPods don’t have active noise cancellation unless you get the AirPods Pros which cost $250. This is $50 more than their normal AirPods which cost $200!


Again, I don’t care that they don’t have it. I care that they lied about it.


Also, in their listing they say these are waterproof. They are not. While they are officially rated IPX6, this does not mean they can be submerged underwater. That would be a rating of IPX 7 or 8 as I mentioned earlier in this video. They are water-resistant, not waterproof.


The last issue is that the times and stats for things change depending on whether you are looking at the graphics or text description on their Amazon listing. For example, in one of the graphics it says up to 6 hours of use per charge, but in the text description it says up to 8 hours. Then on the box itself they come in, it says five to six hours. Like WTF?! And this is the same for other numbers like the maximum range for example.


Again, for the price of these, even if they just choose the lowest number and went with it, I still think they’d be a great buy and in fact, despite these negatives and even the straight up lies, the rest of this review is going to be positive and my overall recommendation is going to be that they are worth the money and I’d buy them again without any hesitation!


So with that said, let’s jump in to what I love about them.


First and foremost, the price obviously! These things cost $60 dollars and like I said, when I bought them they had a coupon for $20 dollars off which means I picked them up for just $40 dollars. For this review, For the sake of talking about cost to value ratio, I’m going to assume they will cost you $60 dollars in which I still think they are worth it, however, just know that if you are willing to be patient, you can probably find them on sale at some point again!


I love the tech that you’re getting for the price. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 is a huge win for me, as I like to catch up on other creators YouTube videos while at the gym on a machine sometimes and the fact that I can now watch them without the audio and video being out of sync is awesome.


The battery life has been phenomenal. In fact, even though I mentioned that they are all over the place with their numbers, the box vs the pictures, vs the amazon listing itself, and said that they should just choose the lowest number and go with it, I actually think it could be a bit higher than the lowest numbers they use. For example, I can use these for two hours at the gym and according to my phone they will be at 90% battery remaining when I go to stick them back in the case.


I also love that they have an IPX6 rating and I know that using them while jogging in the rain or while sweating at the gym isn’t going to be a problem. Especially since I’m a heavy sweater ha-ha! Also, I’ll be happy to never get shocked by a pair of headphones again ha-ha!


Even while at the gym around tons of other people and Bluetooth devices, I had no issues with connectivity besides the 2 or 3 times I mentioned during the entire week where one earbud, the left one specifically, would lose sound for just a split of a second. Even if I were to leave my phone at a station and walk quite a bit away to get another piece of equipment there was never any drop in connectivity or interference from other Bluetooth devices.


Another issue with truly wireless earbuds like these or even ones like my Samsung is that they sometimes don’t always get quite loud enough. These have no problem getting loud enough and for the first time in a long time with earbuds like these I don’t find myself having to max out the volume in loud places like the gym. Also, if you do need to max them out, they don’t become distorted at all and still sound crisp and clear. Just don’t hurt your ears!


Typically with earbuds I like the tips with the wings, however, these do it a bit differently by using what they call a twist lock. At first, I found it a bit weird to get use to and it would take me a second to get the earbuds on, however, now it’s quite natural and they really do lock in place once in. I can be doing burpees, running on the treadmill or whatever and they just don’t budge. At all. I love it!


The touch controls while not having any type of volume control do work great for everything else. You can play or pause, answer and end a phone call by tapping on either earbud. I love the fact that you can do it on either earbud! You can skip forward by double tapping on the right and skip backward by double tapping on the left. You can pull up your personal assistant by holding either side for two seconds and it always works flawlessly for me. Side note, while you can’t adjust the volume manually with the earbuds, you can pull up your assistant and have it lower or raise the volume without actually having to do it on your phone. I do still wish they had a button for adjusting volume though!


Another feature I love is that you can use these independently from each other. If you just pull out one of the earbuds, and it doesn’t matter which one, it will connect just like normal. What’s even cooler is let’s say you pull one out and make a phone call and then decide to put on some music, you can pull the second one out, and it instantly pairs to the other one and just starts working without having to do a thing.


And while I did mention that they don’t actually have active noise cancellation the included CVC noise cancellation means if you call someone, even if you’re in a loud environment, they should have no issue hearing you loud and clear on their end which makes them great for phone calls overall. I called my wife while at the gym and she said they sounded amazing. In fact, she said they were way better than the Bluetooth in my car and preferred them over it!


Overall, I wasn’t expecting much when ordering these headphones but I knew the previous versions have always been rated pretty decently so I figured I would give them a try. Personally I don’t like AirPods because I want something that wraps all the way around my ear since I mainly use earbuds for working out. At home I have my main headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT’s, which I also reviewed on this channel, that I use most of the time. I also didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair of earbuds just for the gym!


Even though I wasn’t expecting much, these blew me out of the water honestly and I would easily purchase these again assuming they last in terms of longevity. The biggest problem I find with budget-friendly devices is sometimes they don’t quite last as long as their more expensive counterparts, however, for the price I paid for these, I could buy 5 pairs before I’d reach the price of the Apple AirPods and I don’t think the AirPods sound much better then these do if at all.


If you’re interested in picking up a pair for yourself, I’ll link them down in the description below! They normally run $60 dollars but again, if you’re patient you may be able to find them for $40 bucks like I did, however, as I said, even at $60 dollars, I’d buy them in a heartbeat personally!


They’re a great pair of truly wireless earbuds and I think the technology has finally gotten to the place that I don’t ever see myself going back to any other type of earbud going forward!


Thanks so much for watching and I hope this review helped you out! If it did, don’t forget to leave a like on the video as that helps me out tremendously and also if you like videos related to tech and gaming then make sure to smash that red subscribe button below and ring the bell next to it to be notified when I post new videos!


And until next time…Peace out everybody!