Robinhood is a mobile app that allows you to purchase stocks without having to pay a trading/commission fee. This is a new type of stock broker we are seeing and one that I’m happy to have come around! Before companies like Robinhood started popping up it wasn’t uncommon to pay an average of five to fifteen dollars per trade in commission fees with most brokers. Not only are they doing something as awesome as offering stock purchasing to the masses no matter how much you have to invest, they are also running a pretty sick promotion right now in an attempt to bring awareness to their service. Right now if you sign up for an account at Robinhood you get a free share of stock! As you can see in the image to the right everyone gets some type of free share, but you also have a chance of receiving shares of companies like Facebook or Apple. It costs absolutely nothing to sign up for an account and you don’t even need to fund your account to get your free shares.

I’d like to also mention that I’m not being paid for this post, however, if you do sign up for an account I also get a free share of stock from them! Pretty cool huh? Same goes for you! After you signup, you’ll get a link you can share to earn free stock as well if you like Robinhood’s service.

I’d also like to mention that Robinhood is a service that I personally use which is why I’m letting you all know about this offer. I’m not just posting it for the free shares! The services companies like this are providing are amazing in my opinion. It has never been easier for anyone to own stock and get involved in the market! As I said, before companies like this started showing up, you had to pay fees each time you wanted to trade stock. Buy or Sell! Before I started using Robinhood, I used TradeKing which charged me $4.99 per trade. Yikes!

Anyways, I’ve been using Robinhood alongside FolioFirst (Formally Loyal3) for about a year now and between the two they have been a perfect solution for all my trading needs. I’m excited to see what else companies like this are able to do in the stock market niche to bring the stock market to every single person in the world! If you’ve ever thought about investing, signup and check them out! It’s completely free and like I said you don’t even have to fund the account to get your free stock.

A pretty sweet deal just to check out Robinhood’s app in my opinion!

If you have any specific questions about any of the services I mentioned above or stock market investing in general, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to assist as best as I can!