In this episode Derek and Wolf survived the obstacle from the clock tower and succeeded to “drive” birds towards their mission. As they get a long they managed to bump into a boss fight with a Mechanical Bull. At first they struggle on how to defeat it, but with their team work and new powers given to them they find a way to defeat it. The fight scene is intense I almost get up to seat that it seems like I am the one who is playing it. They run, jump and did everything they can, it was chaotic but a hell of fun. Moving forward after they defeat the mechanical bull, they need to surpass another obstacles in able to advance. They jumped to moving clocks, jump through walls and even crossing a platform that breaks apart. After surpassing all the drawbacks, they were faced with another story line and with their surprise a HUGE mechanical bird flew out from nowhere. They were attacked by it and on every attack pieces of glass where stand from breaks. Little by little the chance of surviving is so minimal. To see what happened to Cody and May just click the link below:

Watch the exciting journey of Derek and Wolf to bring back the family together. It takes two is really fun game to play with your friends the story line is fantastic. If you liked the gameplay please consider to liking the video, SUBSCRIBE and share it to you friends.