If you are looking a budget friendly Wireless Mic this video is for you!

7RYMS RimoMic Lite UC Mini UHF is a wireless microphone system omnidirectional mic with transmitter and receiver for USB-C & USB-A interface devices, 30M transmission range real-time monitoring for Smartphone, PC and Laptop.


7 RYMS RimoMic


One of the great things about this device is, it supports android phones!


This device is like you’re having a wireless mic in your pocket! How good is that! Specially nowadays everyone is using smart phones which make it perfect for those who don’t like to carry a lot things.


Amazing device!


Derek Explained every features of this device which can be found below!


  • Delicate mini wireless microphone, is universal for computers and mobile phone devices with USB-A and USB-C interface, and supports 30m effective transmission range.

  • Support real-time monitoring, you can hear the sound from the mobile phone/computer and microphone at the same time, which can meet your needs for Live-stream.

  • Adjustable volume and low cut filter, can effectively filter out the low-frequency noise, make the sound quality perfect.

  • Intuitive visual power and volume monitor help you monitor the microphone Real-time recording dynamic, transmitter power, volume and microphone working status.

  • Auto pair & IR Sync, accurately select the less interference channel, simple and convenient; Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with USB-C charging port.

For the quality of the sound delivered by 7 RYMS wireless mic can be seen with this link: https://youtu.be/xVZb6BR9pME which I really do prefer for you to watch and its for you to decide how good? or how bad it is?

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