Are you looking for a wireless mic that you can use on you Vlogs? Well in this video Derek made a review about Comica WM 100 wireless lavalier Mic.

The COMICA-WM100 PLUS is a wireless microphone system with a dual-transmitter which is triggered by one receiver. It is powered by two AA batteries and supports the use of an external battery via a Micro USB port on the receiver. It utilizes UHF wireless FM technology, includes a high-resolution lattice LCD screen, has 16 levels of gain adjustment, includes an integrated low cut filter, Auto IR channel match, Stereo/Mono switchable audio modes, RF Signal strength adjustment, MIC/LINE Input dual selection, Power monitoring at the receiver end, Sound pickup dynamic display, Backlight Adjustment and other functions.


As you can see from the image above it comes with a complete accessories like:

  • Wind Muff

  • 3.5 mm jack, XLR connector

  • 3.5 mm XLR audio cable

  • USB cable type A and C

You can watch the full review in this link:

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