Another It Takes Two gameplay from our man Derek. Like from the previous episodes it was so fun to watch while playing with buddy Wolf. In this episode they encountered a Talking squirrel and fought an army bee’s. It’s an action packed episode were Cody and May got a awesome weapon which most likely found on “Mission Impossible” movies. But I really like about the game so far besides from an interesting story line is that Derek and Wolf need to work together to finish every stage of the game. A great team work will certainly makes the game easy. Thus each time they troll each other, it makes the game hilarious and really enjoyable to watch. The more deeper the game goes, the more I hunger for more. I will be surely a Part of Cody (Wolf) and May’s (Derek) journey to be human again and hoping their relationship can be fixed by Dr. Hakim. I am burning with excitement to see and watch the hilarious gameplay of Derek and Wolf. I attached the link below for you to watch the full video.

YouTube channel: Omg its Derek

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