In this episode they go back to the squirrel’s hideout together with the real queen to explain everything to Sergeant Squirrel from the episode 3. But what they didn’t knew that the queen bee really don’t mean any harm and just want to live a peaceful life along with his fellow bees. On the other hand Sergeant squirrel still wants the queen bee dead as a revenge of what happen. So Cody and May decided to help out the queen that made the Sergeant angry and announced that they are traitors. Because of what happen the Sergeant ordered that Cody and May be killed as well. While escaping they found a plane and used it as their escape vehicle but while on the way to their location the sergeant suddenly came out from nowhere. May fought hand to hand combat with the sergeant, which the fight scene was so COOL and its similar from a Street fighter game. I attached the link below for you to watch how exciting this episode is.

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