The episode starts showing the protagonist on top of Natsuki after playing over to put icing into each other faces.

This awkward situation made forgot that there is still a pan on the oven and almost started a fire. In that instance they hurdled back to the oven and prevent the situation to worsen. Eventually they set aside what happen and continue to prepare everything for the upcoming festival.

Natsuki Likes Me?

As they finish the task and the protagonist walked Natsuki outside his house. The mood changed all of a sudden!

Natsuki and the protagonist eyes connects and without noticing Natsuki comes face to face with the protagonist. But all of a sudden Sayori comes out of nowhere. In surprise, Natsuki jump back and immediately said goodbye to Sayori and the protagonist.

Do you Love me?

Here Sayori revealed her feelings with the protagonist, which our man Derek had a hard time to answer. It was so unexpected, but he need to make a choice. Upon deciding that he loves Sayori as a friend. Sayori felt really bad but tried to understand what the protagonist choice had been. Sayori walked away with tears on her eyes and a burden on Derek’s heart!

Sayori Why?!

After the commotion from yesterday, Sayori was late from the club and because of that the protagonist becomes restless. He head out to Sayori’s house to check on her. This is what he sees!

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