From the previous episode where Yuki and Natsuki is fighting who is better in front of our protaginist is really fun to watch until I watch this episode. Here Sayori’s cuteness overloads the entire story. Here they even show how close the protagonist and Sayori to each other. There is a scene where Sayori ask the protagonist to go out with her and buy food to eat, but Derek already knew what is going on. She just want Derek to buy food for here because Sayori already used all of her money for food. Apparently there is one part where really startled me. It was when the protaganist started noticing toothpaste stain on Sayori’s clothes and even her unbuttoned blazer. This scene becomes a bit intimate when the protagonist started wiping the stains and button her blazer. Their conversation was so hilarious, you can watch the full video or You can check out Derek’s channel here OMG its Derek.

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