I’ve been using Voicemeter Banana for a few years to separate and independently adjust the audio of different applications while live streaming. The GoXLR came out and I sat out. The Elgato Wave Mic came out and I sat out. But THEN the Beacn Mix Create came out and I decided it was time to get something that worked a bit better than Voicemeter as while it worked…I always ran in to tiny issues with the applications. Little hiccups if you will.

I love that I can now adjust the volume of my music, game, discord and my own mic all separately from each other with the spin of a knob. No more alt tabbing out of a game and opening up voicemeter to adjust things. While it’s a little win, I’ll take it as I think it just adds much more to stream not having to alt tab out all the time. Also, overall, the software works great once you get things setup properly!

Setting up the Beacn Mix Create can be a little bit of a pain as you have to change some windows settings, setup everything in the Beacn Mix Create software and then also setup everything inside OBS to really take advantage of everything this little piece of hardware and software can do!

Also, most of the Beacn Mix Create Tutorials on YouTube released when the product first came out and there have been numerous improvements to the software since it’s release that allows you to do things not possible when it was first released. So let’s dive in and let me show you exactly how to setup the beacn mix create and the best settings for the Beacn Mix Create!