From the previous vlog where they tried the snacks from Poland. Now here is another one that came from France, but this time Tanner will now in the picture!


Look Who’s Excited!


He’s eyes say’s it all. Tanner’s reaction of Derek opening the box was really so hillarious!


They had so much fun with this vlog specially now Tanner is in it. Snacks after snacks makes him so excited and made the video really fun to watch. Watching them tried the snack makes me want to order in Universal Yums as well.

What I love about this video is the concept of having the whole family involve and spending time with each other. Eating snacks in a different country together with the family really makes a great bond with each other.


The Grabber!


This is one of a scene where Tanner quickly grabs the snack and puts it directly to his mouth!



This Food Vlog of video with second batch of Universal Yums is really fun to watch, thanks for our cute little star Tanner! If you missed his previous food vlog video here is the link:

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