Hey everyone! If you're looking for a vlog that's more than just surface-level entertainment, you've come to the right place. In this episode, we dive deep into the emotional rollercoaster that comes with vlogging, all while enjoying some precious moments with my son, Tanner. Click here to watch the full episode.

A Day at the Pool with Tanner

The vlog kicks off with a delightful dilemma—what to do on a day with no plans? Tanner and I decide to make the most of the waning summer days by heading to the pool. It's a simple yet joyful experience, filled with candid conversations about everything from favorite colors to driving toy cars.

Emotional Openness: The Struggles of Vlogging

As the vlog progresses, I open up about the emotional challenges that come with sharing personal stories on YouTube. It's a raw and honest discussion about the biases and perceptions that can influence how we share our lives online.

The Legal and Emotional Tightrope

Navigating the complexities of sharing personal experiences while dealing with legal constraints is no easy feat. In the vlog, I touch upon the difficulties of being open about ongoing legal matters without jeopardizing the case or influencing public opinion.

Why This Vlog is a Must-Watch

This episode is not just another vlog; it's a window into the highs and lows that come with sharing your life online. Whether you're a content creator or a viewer, this vlog offers valuable insights into the emotional and ethical challenges of vlogging.


Ready to dive deep with us? Click here to watch the full episode and join us on this emotional journey. Trust us; it's a dive worth taking.


  1. What inspired this vlog?

    • The vlog was inspired by the emotional complexities that come with sharing personal stories online.

  2. How do you balance being open while respecting legal constraints?

    • It's a tightrope walk that requires careful consideration of what to share and what to hold back.

  3. Is this vlog suitable for all viewers?

    • Yes, it's a family-friendly episode but does touch upon some emotional and legal topics.

  4. What can we expect in future vlogs?

    • More candid conversations, family adventures, and dives into the complexities of life.

  5. How can I support your vlogging journey?

    • The best way to support us is by liking, sharing, and subscribing to our channel.