Another Snack in a Box from “Universal Yums” review that we will be seeing from our man Derek with his adorable family. Last time Derek and his family tried the Snack Box from Hongkong, they had fun trying all the snacks from the Box specially Tanner! Now he will try another snack in a box from Universal Yum’s. It has better ratings compare from the snack box that is why they decided to try it instead. The box contains snacks from Poland and all of them are excited to see and taste what is inside of, but this time the energetic Tanner was not be able join. Anyway as they open the well packaged box they were amazed that it contains more detailed information about what is inside and even some background history of each snacks they’re about to eat. There is even a “rating sheet” that gives a family a bit of interaction with each other to see what they like the most, what’s worst and even what’s weird. Let’s say its not just eating the snacks together as a family but also have a time together and enjoying each time with the family. As we go forward after eating snacks after snacks they like each one of it, maybe not all of it but in general all of the snacks are good enough for each other taste’s buds. Eventually they loved what they had in Universal Yum box and Derek even announced that there will be another Package coming. Hoping that on the next Food Vlog we shall see the cute little Tanner once again and join the hilarious Food review of our man Derek! Here is the link of the his full video: and Derek’s YouTube channel:

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