Like his weekly vlog as usual Derek started the with his routine at the gym. Honestly Derek loosing weight exponentially. if continue to do so I am 100% sure he can hit the weight he is aiming for.

I am feel in love in this weeks vlog aside from doing listing stuff for his garage sale stuff that he bought he also snuck up a lot of footage of him and his baby boy Tanner. Being cute as always. Day passes Derek shows full of energy, laughs and jolly like what we know about him. But in the middle of the video Derek opened up how “harsh Life can be”. This is what I like with his vlog, no matter how hard the struggle in life he stays translucent of it and he make those not as burden but as weights to make him stronger to face life’s hurdles each fay of his life. His vlog in not like the other from the vlogs I’ve watched before. Its not just a vlog its his life’s documentary. I haven’t seen a vlogger who is brave enough to show what they truly feel and happens in their life. If you haven’t seen Derek’s vlog yet just click this link: its definitely worth it and its getting better and better vlog after vlog.

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