We are now at the 16th Week of Derek’s Vlog. We come this far and he’s vlog keeps on improving exponentially. Like the usual day to day basis he still do his DoorDash also his weekly check up of his back and foot pains. But what new is now they get back on doing garage sales listing to amazon and webstores as an additional income. As I watch the vlog Derek explained how garage sale listing makes good money. He even shown what items he found and how much they sale of each. Garage sale listing is awesome like what Garyvee vlogs is doing.

If you guys are looking for a real deal extra income you better watch how Derek do the buying and what to choose to buy in a garage sale. We can learn a lot on garage sale listings for sure. Here is the link of his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/DerekSalyers/videos don’t forget to subscribe to be updated on his latest vlog post and to learn more about the flipping and garage sales.