Mark Manson starts his book with, “Let’s be honest, shit is fucked and we have to live with it.”The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is a modern self-help guide designed to tell it like it is when dealing with life and trying to obtain happiness. Mark is a widely popular blogger in which his approach has also always been the same. He doesn’t sugarcoat things nor does he pretend everything has to be happy go lucky all the time!Instead of trying to convince you to turn lemons in to lemonade, bad things in to good thing, he instead says the secret is learning to stomach lemons better. Bad shit happens, learn to deal with it basically.Mark’s humor mixed in with the serious moments of the book make for an easy and quick read that will have you finishing it within days because you won’t want to put it down in between reading sessions.I especially enjoyed his multiple well-timed poop jokes! I’m not kidding…there’s poop jokes…a lot of them!The biggest take away of his book isn’t that you actually should practice not giving a fuck about anything, but instead realize that there are only so many things you can give a fuck about without going crazy. He explains that instead of wasting your time giving a fuck on and about every little thing, you need to focus on giving a fuck on those things that actually matter to you and to learn to let the other stuff go.It’s definitely a different type of a book in that it won’t hold you by the hand telling you everything will be okay while singing you a sweet lullaby. Instead, it will grab you by the shoulders, look you square in the eyes and tell you to man the fuck up! Which surprisingly, I found to be quite refreshing in the world of self-help books.Maybe, positive thinking isn’t the key to a happy, healthy mind and life? Maybe, learning to not give a fuck about stuff that doesn’t matter is the key? Maybe, you should check out his book for yourself and make your own decision!If you’re in to self-help books, it’s definitely one you should add to your reading list! It’s a quick read and I found the book to be humorous yet extremely thought-provoking.I will say the book is geared towards a younger generation and if you’re older you most likely won’t enjoy his humor.Also, if you’re offended by a shit ton of swear words, as you should have deduced from the title of the book, you may want to pass on reading it!Happy Reading! <3The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (Amazon Link)