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Welcome back to another weekly update on my vlog! This week has been packed with fun activities with Tanner, some holiday preparations, and a bit of reflection on the holiday custody situation. Let’s jump right in!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Experiments

Our week kicked off with some playful banter and experiments. Tanner and I were trying to make some “brown” as part of our science experiments. It was all part of his stunning science chemistry set that he opened early, since I won’t have him for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year.

Early Present Opening

I let Tanner open one present tonight and one tomorrow night, as I won’t be able to be with him for the actual Christmas festivities. He chose a random one, and it turned out to be a science kit. We spent some time setting it up, reading through the instructions, and preparing for some fun experiments. It’s always a joy to see his excitement and curiosity with these projects.

Building a Volcano

One of the highlights was building a volcano from the chemistry set. Tanner got all geared up with his safety glasses and gloves, and we followed the steps to mix the plaster and shape the volcano. After it dried, we painted it and made it erupt! Tanner was thrilled, and it was a fantastic way to spend time together, learning and having fun.

Holiday Custody Challenges

This time of year is always a bit tough because of the custody arrangements. Reflecting on the situation, it’s frustrating not to have Tanner for key holiday moments like Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. But I’m grateful for the time we do get to spend together, and I make sure to make those moments count.

More Fun and Presents

We also had some fun with other presents Tanner opened early. He got a cool set of cars, and we set up the stickers to make a real city layout. Watching him play and enjoy his new toys is always heartwarming.

Christmas Preparations

As we prepared for Christmas, Tanner and I delivered a Christmas present to our neighbor, which was a sweet moment of giving. These small acts of kindness are what make the holiday season special.

Wrapping Up the Week

The week wrapped up with some final preparations and looking forward to having Tanner back for a few days. While it’s tough not having him for the entire holiday, I’m grateful for the time we do get to share.

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