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Welcome back to another weekly update on my vlog! This week has been filled with Christmas preparations, fun activities with Tanner, and some personal reflections on life and divorce. Let’s dive in!

Catching Up on Work

The week started with me catching up on some work while waiting to pick up Tanner. I took the opportunity to sleep in, clean up the house a bit, and then get some work done before heading out to get Tanner at noon. Once he was back, we enjoyed opening some presents early, as I won’t have him for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Early Christmas Presents

Tanner got to open a couple of presents early. One of them was a science kit that included a volcano experiment. We spent time setting it up, mixing the plaster, and building the volcano. Watching Tanner’s excitement as we painted it and made it erupt was priceless.

Fun with Family

We headed over to my parents’ house for some Christmas celebrations. Tanner had a blast playing with his new toys and interacting with family. It was great to see him so happy and engaged with everyone.

Reflections on Divorce and Custody

This time of year brings a lot of reflection on the challenges of divorce and custody arrangements. It’s tough not having Tanner for key holiday moments, but I’m committed to making the most of the time we do have together. I’ve come to terms with the situation and focus on being the best dad I can be. Tanner will grow up knowing that I did everything I could to be there for him and that I always tried to maintain a positive relationship with his mom.

Christmas Day and More Presents

Christmas Day was a mix of joy and sadness. While I didn’t have Tanner for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, I got him back at noon, and we enjoyed the rest of the day together. He got some cool new toys, including a Spider-Man hoodie and a dinosaur set, which he loved. We also delivered a Christmas present to our neighbor, which was a nice moment of giving during the holidays.

Sick Days and Parenting Challenges

Unfortunately, Tanner got sick towards the end of the week. It’s heartbreaking to see your child unwell, especially during the holidays. He spent the day resting and watching TV while I worked. It’s moments like these that make the reality of divorce even more challenging, as all your child wants is to have both parents there to comfort them.

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