In this Video Derek ordered a Snack Crate from Hongkong delicacies. Derek and his family participated on tasting all what’s in the Snack Crate, which not one of them what is inside. He started opening the box and everything was in a cute and packed neatly. Even it was written in Chinese there is a paper which explains what are inside the box and even its flavor. It was so fun to watch how his SON (tanner) enjoyed every food in the box. Until they tried the what so called “Hells Potato Chips”, from the name itself its like no one will dare to it and YES no one did except for Derek. You can check out Derek’s Reaction upon eating this “Hells Potato Chips” to this link

I suggest to watch this video its a heck of fun and I really enjoyed specially because of tanner, he is cute and funny as well. If you liked the video please consider to SUBSCRIBE and Share this to your friends and love ones.