In this episodes the true feelings of Sayori is revealed. Where I thought that Sayori strong feelings with the protagonist is just because they grew up together, was totally wrong! This day Sayori can’t keep it anymore, she felt jealous of all the girls around him but yet she still tries to keep her feelings (which I think is really a Bad idea). Because of sadness Sayori just sat in the corner to be alone, but the protagonist noticed it and tried to ask what is wrong. Eventually Sayori tried to show that she’s alright and smile. She just reasoned out that she’s not feeling well and had to go early. Right after Sayori left she speak with Monica about the situation and tried to find answers on Sayori’s behavior recently.

I felt Sayori in this episode, her pain of keeping what her feelings for someone that she love. I strongly recommended this episode. Lets see how long can she keep her feelings and what would be the outcome of their love story! Watch the full video in this link: . You can also check out this link to see what are the previous Derek is playing

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