Upon watching this episode I cant stop my tears falling from my eyes!

This episode they started the preparation for the festival, Natsuki will start baking cupcakes together with the protagonist. But before that he checks out Sayori because of the commotion from the previous episode. As he enters the room of Sayori, the vibe was so sad and lonely. The protagonist started asking what happen, forcing Sayori to tell him everything. Eventually Sayori told everything to him, she revealed all of her burden! Every word that comes out Sayori it feels like there’s a pinch in heart and tears start falling from eyes! This episode is really painful, this shows a life of young girl with depression, a person who feels unloved and all alone!

The conversation stops when the protagonist remember that Natsuki is come over to the protagonist house to do the preparation from the festival. In this part it made me forget Sayori in a while. The protagonist and Natsuki get along very well in this episode, I even felt that even Natsuki feels the same way to him like Sayori does!

I strongly suggest it in his YouTube channel to see those interesting scenes! You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/ygwpl7MHLq0 .

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