My newest VR obsession has been a VR MMORPG called Zenith: The Last City which is one of the first virtual reality mmorpg’s actually done correctly which has allowed it to actually capture an audience and player base. One of the best features that allowed Zenith to be successful in my opinion is that fact that the game is cross play so that you can play with users using any VR headset including the Oculus Quest 2, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.

Another feature I think makes the game successful is the combat system. It’s not terribly difficult to pick up, however, it has just enough complexity with the different specials/spells as well as the main weapons to keep your interest and not become boring to use. Add the fact that you can fly in VR in this game and you got a solid system for using your avatar in the game.

Join me and my friend Tony in this video as we take a first look at Zenith: The Last City and find out if it’s worth picking up for your VR headset!