Virtual Reality has come a long way this last year and with the numerous advances in this technology we are starting to see many different VR headsets pop up on the market! Join me as I review the new headset released by Samsung and Oculus called the Samsung Gear VR headset!NOTE: One of the first things I should mention about the Gear VR headset is that it’s only for use with the latest Samsung phone models including the Note5, S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge. If you don’t have one of the following phones, you’ll need to find a headset that will work for the phone you do have!Now that we have that little note out of the way, let’s jump right in to our review!I must admit, after using several of the cardboard VR headsets, I wasn’t expecting much of a quality boost in material going from a ~$50 dollar headset to a ~$99 headset. I was wrong in my assumptions and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the Gear VR headset. This headset is solid and I don’t fear that I’m going to break it or my phone while using it! This is extremely important to me because while the headset may only have cost $99 dollars, my Note5 was much more costly!The picture quality isn’t perfect, in fact, most pictures, videos and games you will see some pixels, however, I don’t believe it takes away from the awe inspiring views you’ll have when you first put on one of these headsets.  In fact, I think most people truly understand how life changing this technology will be once they try it out for themselves the first time!I can see VR being used for gaming, exercising, learning and teaching, etc.  Imagine walking on a treadmill but in your mind you are walking on a trail up a volcano in Hawaii or in your favorite game looking around as if you were truly the character you are playing! Imagine schools discussing the ocean and then students putting on VR headsets and taking a tour of the ocean without ever leaving their desks!Of course I’m not suggesting the lack of real life experience or not visiting places in the world, but let’s face it, most ofus will never be able to travel the world freely, but VR can make this happen for next to nothing!Setting up the Gear VR headset was extremely easy to do as well.  When you plug in your Samsung phone, as long as it’s a compatible, your device should automatically detect the Gear VR and install all the necessary software to use your new headset! This makes getting started with the VR headset easy and user-friendly.One of the only things I don’t like about the Gear VR is that it tries to force you to use the Oculus Gear VR software and doesn’t make it easy to use other VR software like the Google Cardboard VR App. After a bit of searching though I found a way to use the Cardboard App, however, I had to purchase a $2 dollar app and grab the QR code a reddit user made. (The links are for my specific phone model, make sure to find the right ones for yours if different!)After following those two steps I am now able to use other VR apps with my Gear VR so while it was a hassle it was only minor and I assume most companies would try to do this and it’s not just a Samsung thing.Just remember you’re working with 1st generation equipment and software with these headsets.  While there are small flaws including things like a bit of pixelation, I believe these are all outweighed by the simple knowledge of where this will lead so I highly recommend checking VR out and I would highly recommend the Gear VR headset by Samsung if you have a phone that works with it!Note: Thanks for checking out my review of the Gear VR headset by Samsung. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below! If you decide to purchase this headset and you use the link above I’ll receive a small commission. This post was not influenced by this fact, I really do love my Gear VR headset!