It’s a BUSY week for Derek, a lot happened this week. He had an interview for his job, spectrum came, his furniture’s are pulled out to be changed and more, to see this full video just click this link .

And because the join date of his new job is coming up close, Derek started preparing stuff like record some explanation of task he would have and fixing all the stuffs needed for his social media platforms.

For the start of oh his day (Monday), he was currently driving going to his job interview. As the video goes, we see that Derek passed the interview and be start working at August 29, 2022. It was good enough that he was accepted to his new job, because of that Derek foot and back pains might disappear because they would have a good rest unlike if he drives all day. Also in the vlog Derek shared on what benefits he had on upgrading his internet, which made his speed doubled up. Having his internet upgraded would be a good news. Downloading files and uploading will be much more faster than before.

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