I feel like Neewer products are always hit and miss. Sometimes I purchase a Neewer product and it’s poorly made using cheap material and poor craftsmanship, but then other times I find a product in their line that ends up blowing me away!

And that is exactly what the Neewer 660 PRO RGB panel lights have done! I had been using a set of Godox lights to light myself when streaming but only one of them was mounted to my desk with a desk mount. The other was on a traditional tripod in the corner of my room shining on me…but then I ran in to a problem.

I’m getting old! Haha! No…for real! I decided it was time to get a desk that could switch from sitting to standing as I was getting tired of sitting for hours on end in front of the computer. Between streaming, creating content, reviewing stuff, working on websites, etc. I was just sitting too much! Even tho I’m an active guy and in pretty good shape, I could just tell it was starting to take a toll on my body!

So I purchased a sit/stand desk and then realized only one of my lights would move up and down with me as I moved the desk from the sit position to the stand or vice versa. Another issue I had with my Godox panel light was that it just wasn’t very bright. Even at 100% brightness I’d find myself wishing it had just a bit more room to go…my Godox SL60 lights, no problem! But the panel light…eh.

So I started looking at replacing my Godox lights (I’m still using the SL60W lights, just for other stuff now, here’s my Godox SL60W Review) with some new panel lights and of course started looking at the Elgato Key Lights…but man two of those were expensive…and they also weren’t RGB. But then I saw these Neewer 660 PRO RGB lights and knew I had to try them! Even tho, the last set of Neewer lights I bought let me down!

Anyways, they were awesome and you can watch my full review above or you can click this link for my Neewer 660 PRO RGB Review!