I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve really been getting in to playing my Oculus Quest 2 and VR games in general. I’ve also been a huge fan or horror games and they are always something I do on streams sometimes, especially around spooky season, aka, Halloween.

However…I had yet to play a VR horror game. Instead I’ve been playing games like Beat Saber, Fishing games, Synth Riders and other more popular titles that really show off VR technology and work well with the technology. But then I came across a free to play horror game Propagation VR!

Unlike most other VR games, you don’t move in this one! Instead, you can simply rotate around 360 degrees and must shoot and fight waves of zombies, spiders, and other creatures in order to win. There is something about VR that just makes these games feel so much more real when you have different monsters and creatures coming at you, sometimes at a full on sprint!

If you’ve not check out this free to play vr horror game, I’d highly suggest downloading it and giving it a go! In the meantime though, check out the video of my first time playing the game. Spoiler, I have to stop and actually take off my headset because I get so freaked out!