We are now at week 3 of Derek’s vlog, like I said from the previous vlog doing Doordash and Vlog is a perfect combination. In this week he had a footage where a small commotion happen near the road. There’s a man being pulled by cops and caused a little traffic, the reason is yet unknown but maybe someone of you knew what is all about you can just drop a comment from the video (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDKjfkl-Tt4).

But so far I am liking Derek’s Vlog more and more. The nature footage he is throwing in is awesome. He is even added up he’s unboxing of GoPro Hero 10, how cool was that.

The more I watch his vlog the more it makes me feel its not too late for everything as long as you have the passion and motivation to do something you can definitely achieve everything you want. I can assure Derek can reach his goal!

If you enjoyed his video, lets support his passion and lets be with be him along the way to his success. Also please don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel