I recently started vlogging again because I am apparently obsessed with keeping a record of my life or something haha! I don’t know what made me decide to start vlogging again tbh but I did and I knew I wanted a camera that would allow me to vlog quickly and easily. Especially when out running around and on the go. I needed something run and gun style!

I had been using GoPro’s for quite some time, but I’ve always had the same issue with them. They work great and are necessary for certain types of shoots, action, underwater, etc but they fall short when trying to use them as a regular style camera. The footage always looks like it came from a GoPro! LOL

But then I saw the newest model had a creator edition which included tools that helped make the GoPro Hero 10 a device that could be used for much more and help turn it in to basically a small form factor vlogging camera!

I had to bite and buy it to try it out! Here’s my review of it!