From my last tutorial on Setting up you stream alerts I showed the step by step process on doing it on StreamLabs, but now it this video I will show how to set up stream alerts using Stream Elements.

But before anything else what is stream element?

StreamElements is a cloud-based live streaming tool that integrates with top streaming platforms. While StreamElements isn’t quite as popular as Streamlabs, it does have some loyal users. The two streaming tools have many similar features and offer content creators similar services. One key distinction, however, is that StreamElements is not a live streaming studio, but a platform that hosts and saves your streaming layouts in the cloud. You cannot go live from your StreamElements dashboard. But you can save all your assets, like overlays and layouts, in the cloud and then plug them into broadcasting software such as OBS Studio.

Main features:

  • Alerts and overlays: StreamElements is well known for its free overlays and alerts that you can use on Twitch, Trovo, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. The overlay editor lets you make them your own as well.

  • Chatbot: The StreamElements chatbot includes spam protection and moderation tools that integrate with the loyalty system.

  • Merch: StreamElements lets users create a merch store and sell their branded merch, with SteamElements taking a commission on each piece you sell.

  • Donation options: SE.Pay is the StreamElements donation and payments feature that allows viewers to send you donations without StreamElements taking a cut.

  • Loyalty program: You can create a merch store, run contests, and host giveaways with the StreamElements loyalty program feature.

  • Mobile app: StreamElements has a mobile app (for Android only) that lets you stream to Twitch and YouTube from your phone.


  • Free to download, free features

  • Hosted in the cloud

  • Huge library of free templates and widgets made by other users

  • Powerful chatbot

  • Customized donation link

  • Higher profit margin from merch store than Streamlabs


  • No app store

  • Limited payout options compared to Streamlabs

  • Need encoding software to go live

  • No multistreaming

  • App only available for Android

For more detailed process on how to successfully launched you stream alerts just watch my video with this link I will guide all the way.

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