As a content creator, having a quality green screen setup is crucial for a professional look. But achieving perfectly even lighting can be a pain. I recently tested out a product called the Sub2R Active Green Screen that aims to solve this issue. Here are my thoughts after taking it for a spin.

Unboxing a Premium Product

My first impression upon unboxing was that this was a high-end piece of kit. The construction feels sturdy and durable.

It comes with everything you need to get set up:

  • The green screen itself with built-in LED lights
  • Power adapter (or battery pack)
  • Adjustable metal feet
  • Support bars
  • Remote control

The price point is $599, which is on the pricier side. But the quality seems to justify the cost. This doesn’t feel like some flimsy budget green screen.

Quick and Easy Set-Up Process

Getting the Active Green Screen put together only took me about 10 minutes.

The telescoping metal feet securely clamp onto the support bars. You can then adjust them to level out the screen.

The bars easily click into place to keep the green screen taut and flat. I appreciate how you can position the vertical bars on either side to have the screen sitting or standing.

Finally, plug in the power adapter (or battery pack) and you’re good to go!

Built-In Lights Are Game Changer

Here’s where this green screen really shines – the lights.

As any experienced streamer knows, lighting is crucial for a flawless chroma key effect. But it can be a pain getting even, shadowless illumination.

With this Active Green Screen, the lighting problem is solved. The built-in LEDs provide perfectly uniform lighting across the entire surface.

This means no more fiddling with positioning extra lights and dealing with shadows. The lighting looks smooth and consistent no matter what.

Testing It Out on Stream

I fired up OBS to see how this Active Green Screen performed during an actual stream simulation. In a word – flawless.

With my regular lighting setup, I still had some visible shadows and green spills on my camera feed. But the Active Green Screen created a pristine key with my background visible and zero issues.

The ability to turn off my other lights and rely solely on the screen’s built-in LEDs was a game changer. Being able to stream in a completely dark room added a new creative dynamic.

Overall, the chroma key results were superior to any DIY screen I’ve ever used before.

Is It Worth the $600 Price Tag?

At the end of the day, a purchase decision comes down to budget and needs.

You can find cheaper green screen alternatives in the $50-100 range, often with “good enough” results.

But if you’re a serious content creator who wants flawless, professional-quality green screen effects, the Active Green Screen delivers. No more fussing with external lights and settings.

The price feels justified given the premium materials and performance. For intermediate to advanced streamers, the price tag may be well worth it.

The Bottom Line

I was thoroughly impressed with the Sub2R Active Green Screen. It lives up to its promise of perfectly uniform lighting for chroma keying.

If you’re willing to invest in a high-end tool that makes green screening easier than ever, this product should be on your radar. It gets my recommendation for streamers wanting the best results.


What features make this green screen unique?

The built-in LED lighting system sets this apart from standard screens. It creates flawless, even illumination for chroma keying without extra lights.

What accessories do I need beyond the screen itself?

All you need is a power source, either the included AC adapter or a USB battery pack. A tripod can also help position it if you don’t use the stand.

How difficult is setup and takedown?

It’s designed to be quick and simple. You can set it up or take it down in around 10 minutes. No special tools are required.

Does this work for uses beyond streaming/YouTube?

Absolutely. The Active Green Screen works great for Zoom calls, professional videos, photography backdrops, and any other chroma key needs.

What precautions should I take when using this?

Avoid leaving it powered on for extended periods to prevent overheating. Let the LEDs fully cool before packing them away. Handle the screen gently when assembling to avoid tears.