A mothers day special video vlog is presented to us by our man Derek, but before that special days a lot of things happened. We can see from this vlog how Derek started to loose his weight and doing a bunch of exercise like heading to the gym, walking and running around. But what make it special is he always get time to his family “No Matter how busy he is”. Moving forward he also captured to his vlog the very first “haircut” of his young boy tanner. Which I think its so precious, those memories wont repeat ever again. And like Derek always says “As time pass and his son and daughter grows older he can always go back and watch this vlogs”.

But the reason why I admire him the most is no matter what hurdles in life comes his way, he always stand up with head up high and start grinding over again like nothing happen. Like a wise man just said “ Life Despite of all the S@345 stuff that happens sometime is a pretty cool freaking thing”

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