Video Horror Society is a multiplayer 4v1 horror game where 1 player plays as a killer and the other 4 players play as teenagers. Very similar to Dead by Daylight in that the job of the teenagers (survivors) is to beat the killer while the job of the killer is to…well…kill everyone. The difference though? The survivors can fight back in Video Horror Society unlike in Dead by Daylight! Instead of repairing generators, the survivors are trying to craft 4 different weapon types to defeat the killer with while the killer is trying to hunt everyone down before they are able to do so. If you craft the four weapons and kill the player playing as the killer with each type, you win. If the killer gets all four survivors down before they can do that, he wins!

The game is currently out, at least when we played and made this video, in a closed beta that you had to apply for in order to get in the Video Horror Society playtest. I was lucky enough to get in to the playtest and since I’ve been a huge fan of the Dead by Daylight game I just had to give it a go! So, how was it? Well, watch the video to get my first impressions of Video Horror Society review.