The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners has to be one of my favorite what I’d consider to be Triple A VR Games. The mechanics are top notch, the graphics are phenomenal and the story is well thought out and interesting! From the moment you have your first zombie coming at you to kill you to the moment you throw a knife and nail a zombie from 50 yards away right in the dome, it will keep you interested in playing more!

If you haven’t check out this game yet and you are in to VR, you should definitely do so immediately! Hope you guys enjoy the video!


Experience The Walking Dead

Holy people and Sinners is a game not at all like some other in The Walking Dead universe. Each challenge you face and choice you make is driven by YOU. Battle the undead, search through the overwhelmed remnants of New Orleans, and face awful decisions for yourself and different survivors. Experience The Walking Dead’s dull show in your own skin.

Endure YOUR Way

A better approach to live endurance repulsiveness. With the living, dead, infection and starvation as steady dangers, you have innumerable ways of handling these risks.

Face the undead weapons bursting or realize every one of the ways of sneaking and tuck away among them.

Take on missions from various groups and survivors to acquire important assets.

Endanger life and appendage to safeguard those out of luck or severely murder anybody who holds you up.

Perceive what your decisions mean for individuals of New Orleans, and figure out how to live with the results.

A New, Brutal Story

New Orleans is at war. The living are battling the dead, yet in addition causing torment and severity upon one another. As bodies stack up between fighting groups, murmurs spread of a tragically missing secret in the city that could reverse the situation of the conflict. Can you get by while trapped in this contention? Might you at any point unwind the secret that is behind everything? The destiny of the city and its survivors rests in your grasp.

A Vast World To Explore in VR

Creating, investigation, opportunity of decision and instinctive battle make this a profound, 15+ hour game worked for VR.

Chop down both the dead and the living with a stockpile of skirmish, ran and stopgap weapons, all physical science based objects you can practically use.

Knock walker takes clear off and tear out weapons skewered in their skulls.

Creep through demolished roads and creole houses to rummage for provisions and mysteries.

Scale the sides of structures, vehicles, and walls to trap foes from a higher place or make a speedy break.