In a previous video on my YouTube channel, I talked about 5 Cheap Ways to Drastically Improve Your Livestream, and one of those ways was a budget friendly USB microphone made by a company called FiFine. One of the worst mics you can use for livestreaming is the built in microphone on your gaming headset and for a lot less than you’d think, you can pick up a decent USB microphone that will increase the quality of your stream 10X.

Don’t believe me?

Well, after making that video the company for the mic I mentioned on Amazon reached out and asked if they could send me the unit to officially review. In the video I had already created I hadn’t actually tested the microphone myself. Instead, I went off Amazon reviews in which the microphone had 3000+ reviews with a 4.8 star review. So I happily agreed to receiving the microphone but didn’t want to just do a simple review like most other YouTuber’s had done.

Because I’m always testing my own setup and have been streaming for quick some time, I had several microphone lying around including my own headset microphone from my Turtle Beach Z300 gaming headset, a Blue Yeti Pro, and my current microphone the Audio Technica AT2035. I decided to put the FiFine T669 up against those three microphones and do a blind test in which I asked people which microphone’s they thought sounded best and which ones they thought sounded worst without knowing which mic was which.

I hope you enjoy, I hope it helps and I’d love to know what you think of the video after you watch it!