We are at 6th week of Derek’s weekly vlog, this time the vlog came out in an 80’s style video which I think it was awesome. The video effects and music is perfect that makes the video feels like 80’s which is really nostalgic,

Moving forward in the vlog Derek walked by to a first garage sale of the season and from there he remember how Gary Vee earn some good money upen buying and selling from garage sales, which I think it is really true. I think in the future we will see Derek do this item listing. There is also a part of the vlog where he talked about the he continue to do his intermittent fasting and I see it is as effective as normal fasting as well.

But what intrigues me is what he said before ending the vlog. There is something with Derek that is way off and hoping is alright. But one is for sure that he is going to talk about it for the next vlog, I can’t really wait to hear what happened to our man Derek.

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