Recently I’ve found myself getting back in to vlogging. While it has come and gone in popularity on YouTube I still find vlogs super interesting and I think it will be cool to be able to look back on my life as I get older and see what I’ve done and accomplished. And to see my kids growing up and being able to go back and watch highlights of their lives. I had been using a mixture of my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and The GoPro Hero 10 Black but the biggest issue I’ve had with both of those is the fact that neither have an optical zoom.

That’s where the Sony ZV-1 comes in and why I ended up buying one which led to me doing a Sony ZV-1 review. I had questions like how is the Sony ZV-1 Mic Quality, Image Quality, and whether it could actually hold up to daily use. I also wanted something easy to use and quick to bust out when I didn’t feel like busting out my big camera and setting everything up but something that was still going to produce good quality compared to a gopro or cell phone. I also didn’t know if I should buy the Sony zv-1 or the Canon g7x mark ii which is the Canon equivalent to the Sony ZV-1.

Anyways, in this review I go through all the questions I had an wished I could find the answers to and whether I think it’s a worthy vlogging camera to add to your vlogging kit and if it deserves a place in your camera bag! Hope you enjoy!