When I livestream over on Twitch one of the most asked questions I get is not only how to setup a green screen for streaming, but also how I make it look so good. Most people don’t realize how finnicky green screens can be when you are setting them up and how much certain things matter like how to light a green screen for streaming! Also, making sure all your webcams or cameras settings are set manually and you have the right setting in OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or whatever program you use for streaming.

This video is quite long, but in it I walk through setting up a green screen and some tips on making sure it’s setup just right so that it’s easier to key out in your program. This includes, best practices, lighting, etc.

I also walk you through how to manually setup the Logitech c920 webcam’s setting as that’s the most common webcam used and then walk you through the settings in OBS and not only what to set them as, but also why so that you can tweak the settings yourself and understand what you’re doing.

It’s a long video, but at the end, you should have a firm understanding of what it takes to setup a green screen and you shouldn’t have any problems going forward!