I wanted to write this post so much sooner. I wanted to write it the night I sat watching the votes come in and realized we were likely looking at a Trump presidency. The night I muttered under my breath, "Jesus save us from ourselves."Instead, I've sat at my computer over the last two days staring at the flashing cursor for so long, unable to find the words that could describe how I feel.Honestly, I still sit here in shock that for the next four years the President of the United States will be Donald Trump. It's not what I wanted, it's not what I expected and I'm not happy about it.I'm angry and downright pissed off at the Republicans and the candidate they chose.With that said, I'm equally angry and pissed off at the Democrats that voted for Hillary!One of the biggest beliefs of Democrats is that all people should be treated equally with equal rights. Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Syrians, Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders, etc.This is one of the biggest reasons and beliefs that caused me to switch from being and voting a Republican my entire life to voting for the first time as a Democrat. My belief that ALL humans deserved to be treated with respect, dignity and equality.My belief that love trumps hate.Yet, the same party that claims this belief and fights for this belief is the same party that I now see taking the exact opposite approach.We are calling others horrific names. We attack those that voted for Donald Trump physically and verbally. We attack our nation and democracy as a whole because we aren't happy with the results of the majority. We are acting like children who didn't get their way.It's shameful. It's sinful. It's, dare I say, deplorable.We justify it by claiming they do the same thing by being racist, homophobic, etc. So we trade hate for hate and continue to watch as this great country we live in suffers the consequences of a divided nation.This isn't a time for hate but a time for love. A time for healing in this nation. A time to come together and unite as one. Not in hate, but in love!This doesn't mean we can't protest policies we don't believe in. This doesn't mean we can't stand up when we feel others are being persecuted. This doesn't mean we can't fight for the direction we want for this country.By all means, protest, stand up, fight! It's your God given right!What we shouldn't do is continue attacking people personally. Name calling and making people feel less than human. Refusing to work together with the other side. We shouldn't divide our great country! Now, more than ever, we need to come together and unify the United States of America.Or, are we really so horrible of a species that we can't find a way for all of us to coexist? Do we really harbor that much hate for each other that we can't lay down our weapons and realize we are all in this together? Must we really continue down the path we've chosen?Love Trumps Hate.