Imagine if at this time America had a different President. One that is a role model to our high school and college students. A president that when speaks, has something more to say than just opinions and bullshit. Someone who has an incredible understanding of business and built himself and his empire from the ground up. A man who I believe has the potential to motivate America to start a new chapter it desperately needs. This man is real and if you don’t know him yet you should! This man is Gary Vaynerchuk and I believe he should be President!

America we need a pep talk. Because a lot of shit is going on in the world and life can be depressing for anyone. Would it not be an amazing idea to have a motivational public speaker as president? A leader who actually cares about his country and fellow man? Well, that is only one of Gary’s great talents. A public speaker that knows how to get people up off their butts, and wanting that same hustle. His words truly hit home for anyone struggling to find there calling, anyone too afraid to make changes for the better, anyone trying to start their own business. This guy knows all about it and wants to tell you, you can do it! And I truly believe more people need a voice like that in their life.

He is A 4-time New York Times best-selling authorThe man has seriously hustled his entire life and is wholeheartedly all about showing, and giving others the opportunity to achieve what he has. If you believe the president should have a good head for business I completely understand and agree. And that is exactly what Gary Vaynerchuk has. He has the power to show America how work gets done in today’s modern world. How anyone makes it through the work week without watching or listening to Gary baffles me.


It is something that is sincerely lacking in America today. Not in Gary’s world though. If you watch his vlog or ever listen to him speak then you know how he does not shy away from telling people the harsh realities of life. He is 100% real and himself 24/7. That is how he gets people listening and has such a mass following. All he does is give value to his fans and followers or anyone who wants to learn.

A time for change is coming and America needs to make a decision. Are we going to keep sitting around watching the world burn in front of us? Are we going to keep letting “leaders” misguide and lie to us? Or is it finally time for Americans to choose their leader again? He is already everywhere trying to give as much good to his world as he can. My call to action for anyone reading this is to just go watch his videos, go listen to him speak, read his books, and learn something from a man who has a lot to offer and asks for nothing in return.