I grew up in the age of Nintendo & Sega Genesis. Playing video games with characters such as Mario, Zelda and Sonic The Hedgehog. In fact, for as long as I can remember I’ve had some type of gaming system while growing up thanks to my wonderful parents!As a teenager it was always a dream to be able to make money doing something I loved and of course I always wished I could do that playing video games. I never imagined then it would actually become possible because of the internet and technology.A website called Twitch.tv allows it’s users to livestream themselves playing video games and receive donations, subscription fees and advertising dollars from their viewers.About 4 years ago I decided I’d give streaming a try myself to see if I could turn it in to a profitable business since as an adult I was still gaming and had a high end gaming computer that I could use to stream with.The channel I was streaming on actually started growing pretty quickly but then for no reason given to me, my account got banned by Twitch. Naturally this put a hamper on my plans of world domination through owning my own video game company.Luckily, after about a year I got the accounts reinstated and could use them again, but by then I had already moved on and my time was being occupied by several other business ventures and commitments that I was a unable to return to streaming. Also, most of the following we had built up moved on as well and were now watching other streamers.So for the next three years I didn’t really do anything with streaming anymore, but my passion for gaming still continued.Fast forward to present time and I’ve decided to once again give it a go, however, I won’t be streaming this time. At least not anytime in the foreseeable future. Instead, I partnered with a business associate and we have hired several livestreamers that are all streaming under the gaming business we created called aCupofDeath.My current business ventures and time commitments still prevent me from being able to stream myself, but gaming is still something I’m highly passionate about!We pay these livestreamers an hourly wage plus a percentage of donations that are received. Currently, we have two livestreamers hired and are close to starting to break even with the company. Our plan is to continue adding livestreamers to the company and build out an entire empire of gaming entertainment.We, especially young people, are lucky to live in a time when you can make money doing almost anything you love because of the power of technology and the internet! Will this business succeed? Will it become profitable enough to warrant continuing on with this business venture?Who knows?!?But, there are so many new business opportunities that if you aren’t trying to do something you’re crazy!The opportunities available are endless, if you can’t find a job in today’s market, create one!My hope is that this post will get the wheels turning in your own mind that if you are truly passionate about something there is almost always a way to create an income doing it!If you’d like you can check out our Twitch Channel to see what we’re doing!