I’m known for affiliate marketing. It was my first break into the world of making money online and made me a shit ton of money. It’s the topic most people still ask me about today the moment they get to speak to me. The question they ask? It’s always the same…Is affiliate marketing dead?The short answer is NO! You can still make a killing from affiliate marketing.But Derek, everyone else says it is! You’re one of the only ones saying it isn’t!How can I know that you aren’t wrong and all the others aren’t right?!? I believe there are two very real reasons that cause this misconception to those that use to be in the space but no longer are.The first reason I believe people say it’s dead is because the techniques they’re using to promote affiliate offers has died. How you promote affiliate offers changes all the time, if you can’t keep up with the changes or find new ways to promote affiliate offers then it may look like affiliate marketing has died to you.I assume what happens are people are chugging along making money in the affiliate marketing space and they become lazy and complacent. I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. Instead of constantly trying new traffic sources and methods they simply sit back collecting their revenue and slowly over time the revenue fades away.The second reason is that you learn about new, arguably better, avenues for creating an online income and affiliate marketing is no longer the highest income generator for you. For example, creating your own damn product and marketing it using the same techniques but keeping 100% of the profits.This causes people to view affiliate marketing as not being worth their time and thus they tell others it isn’t worth theirs either. However, they fail to remember there was a time it was a good starting point for themselves as well. It’s easier to learn marketing and how to market products without also having to build your own in the beginning. Content/Product creation is it’s own beast that must be conquered separately from marketing.These two reasons are what cause seasoned affiliate marketers to start screaming to the world that affiliate marketing is dead.Just remember, there will always be people buying stuff. Find a way to promote it cheap and effectively and you can make money. As long as people continue to buy stuff, affiliate marketing will be around.