Being content with what you have is an important part of being happy. Too many times, people want more and more. This desire can become so intense that they are unable to find happiness where they currently are at in life.

However, what I want to talk about in this post is the opposite. When you’re too content. As with everything in life, you need balance. You need contentment with where you are, however, you should strive to always do better no matter what area you are pursuing.

Let’s use the example of starting your own business. What typically happens is someone starts their own business and they are full of excitement. Most of the times they have no idea what they are doing, except they love doing something and would love creating an income from it!

So, they take a leap of faith and start learning as they go. They’ll read books on business, research answers to their questions using Google, may even attend a business class somewhere. After a while, they start making a bit of money from their business and are doing okay and then they’ll stop learning.

Instead, they become lazy. Happy to be making a living doing something they love. Over time, the business may start slipping a bit and the revenue starts dipping because instead of continuing to learn and try new things they become stagnant. Again, they can be applied to any goal/area of life but we’re specifically using the example of starting a business.

Of course, no one wants to fill their time with nothing but running their business and then trying to learn as much as they possibly can about running a business. People enjoy their free time and rightly so! It’s important to have down time!

So the rule I always follow in life is what the title of this blog post says, “If it becomes easy, you quit growing!”

This rule is what I live by when it comes to anything I do in life. For example, when I first starting working at getting in shape. I’d walk 3 miles every day. After a couple weeks this became easy, so I started jogging the 2nd mile each day. Soon that became easy to I started jogging the full 3 miles every day. Then I added in sprints, then…..I think you get the point.

Anytime something I’m doing becomes easy, I find a way to challenge myself so that I’m constantly growing in whatever area I’m working at. In my business, I see a need so I start working at achieving that need. Once I feel I have learned the skill needed. I look for another need.

Another way you can think about it is to find a way to constantly improve what you’re doing.The “if it becomes easy” quote helps you realize when it’s time to find another skill to improve because the one you were working on has been improved.

If you master this concept/idea it will help you consistently improve each area of your life. It also takes the focus off never having enough to pushing yourself to the next level.

Good luck!