In my last post I discussed how Excuses Always Kill Progress. In this next part of my series on killing progress, we'll discuss how Fear Always Kills Progress. In the last part of the series we'll discuss how Laziness Always Kills Progress!Fear is normally viewed as a negative emotion, however, it's also something that has allowed us to survive over the years as humans! When the emotion is used properly it can protect us, however, when used incorrectly it can stop us dead in our tracks.Once we understand fear can be good or bad, we then need to be able to discern which type of fear we are feeling. We do this through rational thinking instead of allowing ourselves to panic.For example, let's say you want to start investing but know nothing about it. You're afraid you'll lose all your money! At least this is the excuse I hear most often when it comes to beginner investors. Is this fear warranted? If you started investing would you really lose all your money?No, of course not!It's not like anyone is telling you that you must invest every penny you earn! If you start investing $20 dollars per paycheck and you end up losing that, have you really lost all your money? Of course not! This fear is unwarranted!Could you lose the $20 per paycheck you are investing? Possibly! Even if you took a loss, you are highly unlikely to lose all of your investment! The loss you do take will grant you gained experience and knowledge which is well worth the couple dollars you've lost though!What if you wanted to start a business? How about selling Moss Shower Mat? Well, there may be some material purchases and you may end up not being able to sell your shower mats even though they are sweet as hell! But again, you'd learn from that so it wouldn't be a total loss and you could just give out the products as gifts then for a couple special occasions!My point is, most of the time, we blow our emotion of fear out of the water and imagine the most horrific things possible. This is where fear paralyzes us instead of protects us. I'd equate it to a deer being caught in headlights unable to move!Fear as I stated can be good, it is what will stop you from placing your whole paycheck in to a stock hoping to make a ton of money, it's what will stop you from investing all $50,000 of your savings in to a business venture when you have zero business experience, but it can also stop you from even starting small.Don't let fear stop you from starting down the path of your dreams! Go get em Tiger!