In the last two posts in our series of things that kill progress, we talked about Excuses and Fear! In this last post of our three part series we’re going to discuss Laziness!When talking about laziness, most people start giving advice on how to stay motivated or steps you can take to ensure you stick with your plans. Maybe they recommend hacks to stay committed to a project. Instead, when I talk about laziness I talk about passion!There is a quote by Anthony Robbins that I absolutely love on this matter. It states, “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals-that is, goals that do not inspire them.”I believe there is so much truth in this quote that we fail to realize it’s in having these inspiring goals that we can stop laziness from creeping up and taking away from our productivity.You see, when you have goals that you’re passionate about, when you’re working on things that matter to you, laziness disappears. Instead it’s replaced by activeness in order to reach those goals.However, when our goal is to simply wake up each morning and go to a job that we hate to simply pay bills to survive it’s easy to become complacent and lazy in that mentality.I’m a firm believer in goal setting, with deadlines, in order to achieve your dreams in life! Taking a couple hours to write down what you want in life, where you want to end up, and how you’re going to get there can bring about fresh life to your dreams.Not only should you take the time to write them down, but you should set aside time at least once a month to review them and see where you are in regards to reaching specific goals. This will help keep them fresh in your mind and allow you to be reminded of what you truly want in life.It’s easy to become complacent and lazy, in fact, it’s why most people settle in life for what they have! One of the biggest things you can do is set goals that inspire you to want more out of life.What do you dream about? Now go chase it!