If you're like me, note taking is important! I'm constantly thinking of new ideas, needing to jot down thoughts, save website articles to view later, etc. Being able to do this all while on the go is important to me, however, I also need to be able to sync these notes between all the different devices I use!I decided to check out Evernote to accomplish this in my life because I have heard so many other entrepreneurs mention the application and how necessary it had become in their everyday life!Evernote is a robust note taking application that allows you to write, sketch, record audio, etc. notes between all your different devices. I can be jogging down the street and an idea pops in my head. I can quickly record a voice memo of the idea on my phone using the Evernote app and continue on with my jog. Once I get home I can pull up the Evernote app on my desktop and listen to that voice memo. It makes note taking and sharing easy and painless!Unfortunately, as with all new applications you start using, you must first learn how to use it in order to unlock it's full potential!After looking at a couple different books on Amazon I finally decided to purchase, Master Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote.I initially chose this book because it had plenty of reviews and most of them were 5 out of 5 stars. Also, for the Kindle edition of the book it only cost $2.99 instead of the paperback price of $7.99. I figured a 4.3 out of 5 star rating and under three bucks what wasn't to love?Before I actually start my review of the book, I should mention one more thing. While I hadn't used Evernote very often I had messed with it a couple times so I understood the basics of the application before starting to read the book by S. J. Scott.There are basically three sections to the book. The first section focused on how to use Evernote geared heavily towards brand new users. The second section focused on more advanced strategies for using Evernote. The third and final section discussed 75 ways to get started using Evernote.With that being said, I must admit I wasn't too impressed with the book. While the book definitely taught me a couple things about Evernote and how to use it, I in no way feel like I have mastered Evernote by reading Scott's book!Most of the information throughout the book is very basic and simple. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but this book is definitely better geared for users are completely new in using the Evernote application. If you've messed with the app yourself for any period of time the entire first section of the book will probably be useless to you.Scott does a fine job with his writing technique and explains things well, however, I just personally feel the book would be better titled: Getting Started with Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote.If you are completely new to the Evernote app and you're looking for a book to get you started, for $2.99 you really can't beat it. If you have any experience at all with using the Evernote app, I'd recommend checking out a different book.