Another week of Derek’s vlog and this time its a “Fathers Day Special”. But at the beginning of his Vlog he encountered an issue with a customer of DoorDash. Unlike from previous weeks of DoorDasging where everything goes smoothly this time he got a complain that an order was not delivered! It was very disappointing to see most customer to that kind of thing that they don’t even think about those who work hard for their families. Surprisingly upon receiving that notification Derek kept his focus and kept grinding like nothing happen. Moving forward as the day pass by we see how motivated Derek is on his exercise to loose weight. He’s not only walking for his cardio exercise but now he also ride bikes. Looking back at Derek’s first vlog it was clearly shown that he already loose a lot of weight which is a really a great achievement on Dereks end.

And Because its Fathers Day week Derek and his wife looked for gifts they can give to their Dads and what surprises me is what Derek’s gift to his father is. And for you to see what he gave to his father this Father’s Day watch the Full video here: you will also see how his father react after receiving the gift.

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