Good morning! It’s a chilly day at around 34°F, but perfect for a brisk morning walk with Bondo. With the right gear, the cold is manageable.

I’ve had a nice extended weekend, taking Friday and Monday off from the day job. I needed to use up my vacation days before the year ends since they don’t roll over or get paid out. This extra time off has been a blend of productivity and relaxation.

Christmas Shopping Spree

Last Friday, I dedicated my day to Christmas shopping for Tanner and a few other loved ones. It was a fun and fruitful day, as you might have seen in last week’s vlog. Finding the perfect gifts for Tanner always brings joy, knowing how excited he’ll be.

Saying Goodbye to Planet Fitness

On Monday, I made a trip to Planet Fitness to cancel my membership. With my home workouts becoming more consistent, it seemed unnecessary to keep it. Saving time and money is always a win!

Surprise Gift from Neighbors

Returning home, I was surprised to find a thoughtful gift on my porch from a neighbor. It was a Super Mario mug with a cute card calling me a “Super Friendo.” It’s moments like these that make me feel truly blessed. Despite my self-doubts, having such kind people around me reminds me of the good in life.

Musical Memories

During my walk, I found myself reminiscing to some old favorite songs that played on YouTube Music. It’s amazing how music can transport you back to different times and bring a smile to your face.

Dinner and Gift Wrapping at Mom’s

Later, I headed to my parents’ house for dinner and a gift-wrapping session. My mom offered to help wrap Tanner’s presents, which was a huge relief. It turned into a fun evening, combining family time with some necessary holiday prep.

Learning to Prioritize

Today has been productive, but I realized the importance of better prioritizing my tasks. Juggling work and personal projects can be tricky, and I need to get better at structuring my days to ensure the most critical tasks are completed first.

A Beautiful, Chilly Day

The weather today is stunning despite the cold. The sun is out, and blue skies are stretching as far as I can see. Walking in this weather, even with a bit of a chill, is invigorating. It reminds me to appreciate the small, beautiful moments.

Fun with Tanner

Tanner and I had a blast last night. We played, wrestled, and enjoyed some Santa Claus games. We also got into a mini basketball match with his new hoop. These moments are precious, and I cherish every laugh and giggle we share.

New Tech to Review

I’m also excited about a new tech gadget I received for review—the OBS Bot camera. It’s an AI camera perfect for streaming and creating content. If you’re into tech, you should definitely check out my tech channel for the full review.

Wrapping Up

All in all, it’s been a busy but fulfilling few days. Between holiday preparations, family time, and keeping up with my routines, I’m feeling productive and grateful. Stay tuned for more updates and have a fantastic week ahead!

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