Another episode of halo infinite campaign series. In able to succeed to another level he need to defeat Chak ‘Lok the boss in this chapter. But before the boss fight Derek must travel to Chak ‘Lok’s lair. He fight all of the hordes and even ride a mongoose along the way to the boss lair. He started saving all of his subordinates to help him through out the battle and creating a team of soldiers to back him up. Eventually Derek succeeded on reaching Chak ‘Lok’s lair and fight him skillfully. Aside from Chak ‘Lok’s skill of being invisible he still won the fight cleared the stage. Upon exiting the boss lair Derek is caught up in a cinematic story which he free up his previous subordinate who is captured and tortured by Chak ‘Lok. It was a sad reunion of the two soldiers which makes master chief gets even eager to pursue the mission and save his remaining subordinates. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes of Halo infinite campaign I attached the links below:


Part 2:

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